a scatterplot depicting the average positive polarity over shares for news items

This article takes a closer look at the insight of what makes the news media popular and sharable. I’m not really just talking about hard news. The dataset in question has both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ features. But my focus is to give an understanding of what makes certain news items more popular than others in a modern digital ecosystem. For anyone interested in the prediction of popularity for hard and soft news , I’ve found this dataset to be a great starting point. At the outset it’s important that the reader understands that this article is the introduction to the…

What I’m about to share is less about Function Transformer, and more about a standardised template of sorts that you can use for exploratory data analysis I’ll start with an explanation of the dataset being used, then move on to the problem statement and the approach I’m taking to clean the dataset. The full solution to the dataset in question is out of the scope of this article, so maybe I’ll split this information into a small series on EDA.

So the dataset at hand is a traditional banking set on loan applications. The shape query gives us about 45211…

This article is on a series of basic visualisations using Tableau. In the previous one, we dissected a few key charts with Tableau. In this one, we’re looking at the somber Covid 19 mobility dataset from google. These datasets show how ‘visits’ and ‘length of stay’ at different places change compared to a baseline. The period we’re looking at is the time period from January 1st to April 13th 2021, as compared to a pre-pandemic baseline. …

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to write an article that encapsulates complicated machine learning mathematics, and dilutes it into an entertaining and educational cocktail.

Sadly, this is not that article.

This article is more pragmatic and basic in nature. It’s about Tableau, my nemesis in the data analyst’s toolkit. But a nemesis?! Surely, I jest? …I mean isn’t Tableau an adorable dragy-and-dropy, almost too-good-to-be-true visualisation tool?

Possibly… But it’s deceptive.

Like all the visualisation tools, Tableau can be beautiful and simple on the outside, but also a whirlwind of rainbow tinted death on the inside. The further you…

I truly believe that If you’re like me, a pitiful soul who who tried to learn the basics of hadoop hive online, but only found a horde of vague blog posts, then this article is for you.

For the benefit of the visual learner, this article highlights the essentials of data copying, table creation and partitioning on Hive with a few screenshots.

Make no mistake, I write on behalf of the learners who have no background in data analytics, and almost no coding experience. …

Merrill Sequeira

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